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Virus and Spyware Removal

We must be very careful with the presence of viruses and / or spyware on your computer (since we consider our computer as a very useful equipment for business and for our entertainment) because the consequences can be fatal to our equipment and therefore fatal to us.

Considering the level of dependence about information we have on our computer, the greater or lesser the level of loss that this could generate. Well, currently the Internet access is not a thing of another world, which allows us to navigate through an infinity of information in the network and in turn, becomes vulnerable to the presence of computer viruses malware and spyware, that both have increased virulence and ferocity in recent years.

These programs were no longer a nuisance, with the ease of computer unconfigure the computer, and now can produce permanent damage. Well, ISH&B through their area of Computer Services & Repair, offers its services in order to protect your interests.

Computer Services & Repair

The typical consequences of a spyware infection (in addition to privacy issues) mostly include a considerable loss of system performance, and serious stability problems, causing the same, difficulty connecting to the Internet.

Software Antivirus

In contrast to viruses, spyware does not try to replicate it on other computers, so it works like a parasite.

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