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Tecnical Support

The computer repair service requires a constantly evolving and that in turn, these services be offered according to your needs. Well, if you are tired of having problems with the installation of peripherals, software update and other frustrations, it's time to leave your computer equipment in the hands of our computer repair service and forget about these complications.

In ISH&B, Computer Services & Repair, we specialize in solving these kinds of problems and many others related to the issue.

Tecnical Support by ISH&B

We repair desktops, laptops, hard drives, motherboards, printers. For which purpose we have the necessary equipment and serve all brands and models. Our Technical Support is headed towards all types of needs and affordable for your budget, such that, your computer equipment becomes a strategic tool for work and entertainment. Also provide the service of data recovery and safe disposal of confidential data.

Our maintenance services and repair of computers are provided in the comfort of your home, work space or if you prefer, at our office located at 1610 Broadway, South Portland, ME 04106; whether they be, companies or households.

Hardware diagnostics

We work from detailed analysis of input connections to the power source and subsequently their distribution to the motherboard, heat sinks, readers of CD / DVD, Hard Drive, etc..

We must avoid overheating the computer equipment. After verifying the arrival of power to the motherboard, according to the beeps you hear are achieved can diagnose the computer problem has to do with RAM, Video or another.

Informatics Services Home & Business, through its area of Computer Services and Repair has a well service providing COMPUTER DIAGNOSIS no cost.


Laptop/Desktop repair

A computer has two main parts, the Hardware (The tangible like. Motherboard, processor, drives, RAM memory, etc.) and software (The intangible, such as the operating system, Microsoft Office, Explorer, etc..). Well, prior to the start of the computer, both hardware and software are completely separate, with no interrelation between them. In this sense, it is the Basic Input / Output (Basic Input-Output System), commonly known as BIOS, responsible for specifying the hardware to search and allow booting Operating System (software).

This is possible because the BIOS is a basic Operating System, built into the hardware itself, like a chip on the motherboard. The BIOS will report by making lines of text that appear (very quickly) on your monitor. To which analyzes the hardware checks the memory inter alia, in the phase known as POST (Power-On Self Test).

The BIOS POST likewise indicates how to access the configuration screen (BIOS Setup). In modern computers, the POST also displays the access key to the boot menu (Boot Menu) with which you can choose to boot from that drive our PC.

On many occasions during PC repair we can find situations such as faults with any device and have no clear way to identify the exact motive or reason for failure or worse, not be certain have identified the device in question fails. There are methods and procedures to follow, allowing us to detect properly the possible faults, for which it is important to know at least the basic operation of the BIOS since, is useful as a diagnostic tool during the repair process of a computer.

For example, sometimes you may need to update BIOS for reasons such as: need to correct all kinds of problems related to the motherboard or the BIOS itself, or when required to add functionalities to the BIOS as support for new processors or higher capacity hard disks, improved performance and hardware compatibility, etc..

In general, updating the BIOS is risky because, you can get to completely disable the motherboard and force us to buy a new one. Therefore, it is essential to be very careful and not recommended to update the BIOS, except when absolutely necessary, and go for it to a specialized service center. It should always have, care to back up your PC before attempting a BIOS update.


Laptop screen replacement

For any error or fatal accident, you can break the monitor of a laptop, broken screen can be caused by an impact (drop in laptop), excessive pressure (sitting on it or just grab it too hard), or both at once. Either way, this ends up being a nightmare for users, especially considering the importance they involve the use of equipment and the information they possess on this computer.

In such situations, one solution would be replacing the screen with a new one or the other solution would be to buy a new laptop because, once cracked or broken screen, the life of the screen is completed.

Therefore, it only remains to decide whether you want to spend time and money by installing a new screen or just buy a new computer and, if necessary, transfer the data and information broken laptop to new. Which can be achieved even with a broken screen.

To do this, ISH&B through their area of Computer Services & Repair offers free diagnosis service the affected equipment, and will be happy to meet your requirements, whatever the final decision you make about it.


Laptop keyboard replacement

A portable keyboard may also be damaged so that the keyboard would urge required. Keyboards can be subject to breakage and / or jams often irreparable. In other words, are we may have situations like a key that does not work properly, it appears damaged, broken or jammed.

Sometimes it may be required for maintenance of cleaning equipment in the keyboard area (either disassembling or without disassembly) or in an emergency, could reallocate to another with a damaged mapper keys.

The other option would be to use a standalone or virtual keyboard, while waiting for the repair or replacement of damaged keys.

Now if your computer writes by itself, keys are pressed automatically, or while you are typing nothing happens. It's time to worry, as it is likely that the computer, which is connected to the keyboard, is infected with a virus or spyware. Malware tends to trap keystrokes to steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers or passwords. But it's something that can be fixed with a little time and no need to format the computer.


Hard Drive replacement

The hard drive is like a cabinet in which programs and data are stored, and computer access them when needed. If you save a new file, or install new software, the information is written in a free portion of hard disk.

If the hard drive of your computer failure or simply requires a larger storage capacity, then it is time to replace the hard drive or installing an additional one depending on the type and model of the computer (either desktop or laptop).

Always recommended to save the information that needs to be preserved, according to his own criterion on an external hard disk or external storage device.

For replacement hard drive, you need to install the OS and then with the help of backup disks or external storage, you can copy back the information it considers necessary to be saved. Also, you can install any software you need or that you had installed on the old hard drive.


Computer upgrades

If your computer requires, upgrade, a revised version, an update, amplification, improvement, or need better product category, by replacing a previous version of the same product with a new one (which may be a software or hardware) in order to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics. Then it's time to visit us and we will be happy to assist you with the cordiality that characterizes us.


Multi monitor setup and configurations

Installation and configuration of multi-monitors (display devices such as monitors, televisions and projectors) to the same computer, it is not a thing of another world, you do not have to wait. The use of terms, multi-monitor, multi-head become more common nowadays.


Remote support

Remote Assistance is one of the services we provide to our customers who have technical difficulties on your computer. One of our experienced professionals will guide you through your PC to find the solution, without requiring you to move or we get closer to your residence and office.

It is an easy and uncomplicated way, for which, we are only required to have an Internet connection to take advantage of this service. You do not need advanced technical knowledge and you do not need to configure anything on your computer, router or modem. Best of all, it's 100% safe, protecting your security and privacy.

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