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PC Optimization

Our computer equipment requires proper attention so we could feel free to require the best computer performance, for which, you should clean your PC from corrupted files and others agents, at least every three months to avoid problems with the computer and thus to optimize the performance of our computer.

Given that most of the problems are caused by lack of maintenance. It is recommended to follow some simple steps, but if you do not want to waste time in doing these tasks, afraid to make some mistakes or simply you do not know very well use the computer, ISH&B with its area of Computer Services & Repair we are to meet, this type of requirement, with the warmth that you deserve.

Our list of services.

Normally, on a computer with problems of this kind, boot speed is very slow. Applications and programs takes more time than usual to make their internal operations.

To establish an adequate security perimeter, previously eliminated any trace of malware to avoid any interference with the cleaning.

Business card of computer repair

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