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Computer Training

Being aware that the best results because of the use of the technology that today's world offers us is based, among other things, the knowledge we have regarding the use and handling of it. Informatics Services Home & Business, we offer them the opportunity to take some of the 'Computer Courses' which will allow you to develop the necessary skills and in turn be reflected in better usefulness of the computer equipment and still more importantly, a better profitability of your time.

Basic Computer Course: In this course, you will acquire the basic knowledge to the proper use of computer and proper connectivity with peripherals, as well as the basic skills to surf the Internet, create your email, and be able to properly manage their information according to your requirements.

Do we know the proper use of our computer and Internet? If the answer to this question is no. Call one of the phone numbers (207) 239-6462, (207) 239-6461 or visit us at 1610 Broadway, South Portland, Maine 04106, we will be happy to serve and provide one of the following courses and / or coordinate your requirements:

- Computer For Seniors
- Word
(Basic - Intermediate - Advanced)
- Excel (Basic - Intermediate - Advanced)
- Access (Basic - Intermediate - Advanced)
- PowerPoint (Basic - Intermediate - Advanced)

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