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Welcome to Informatics Service Home & Business

We are in very changeable environment where various types of economic, social and cultural systems interact, which in turn make use of existing computer systems. These computer systems are evolving towards new versions of software, thus generating the need to repower our hardware or in some cases, the need to renew our computer equipment.

This technological advancement implies more frequent attention to our computer equipment, that every day are becoming obsolete. ISH&B, focuses, to make your computer have a longer life. Longer shelf life, to new software versions, to new hardware requirements even to the presence of the destroyers as Virus, Trojans, and / or accidents as a break from our laptop, etc..

In such sense, if the computer does not turn on your computer properly, this can be due to many reasons that this is related to technological advancement or personal injury, for which, follow some specific maintenance and / or repair your computer equipment, which can cause a headache or personal stress. Informatics Services Home & Business, has its area of Computer Services and Repair, with the objective of providing solutions to your computing problems. Also, ISH&B offers its services and Takes Control of Inventories and services Training and Computer Training in Spanish.

Free diagnostic on computer rapair

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